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About Project in Action

The Project in Action is a management system that assists academic projects in its planning and development through content recommendations, intelligent and collaborative.

Is the result of a practical experiment to support the development of a doctoral dissertation in the Graduate Program in iT in Education (PPGIE) of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) program, thereby providing a genuinely Brazilian project.

Development Team
Foto de Heli Meurer
Professor Doutor Heli Meurer
Doutor em Informática na educação PPGIE/UFRGS, Professor e Pesquisador no UNIRITTER (Laureate International Universities). Arquiteto da informação e Designer na PROCERGS (Cia de Processamento de Dados do RS).
Conceived the project and product.
Foto de Vinicius Matteus
Vinicius Matteus
System Developer.
Foto de Vanderson Wilson da Rosa Nunes
Vanderson Wilson da Rosa Nunes
System Developer.